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Large Fabrication

Meeting a Customer’s Tight Deadline

We are continuing to expand our Fabrication and Fixture capabilities and have completed yet another large project.  A few months back, a customer came to us with an idea in mind and asked if we could take on the challenge of designing, engineering, machining, fabricating, and assembling a large tooling project for them within a very tight deadline.  Pictured below are two completed fabrications which were involved in this tooling project. The fabrications are made up of 4140 steel and MIC-6 Aluminum and will be used to join 3 different run-offs to make one complete product per fixture.

In order to get this job complete, communication amongst all departments was crucial and needed to be maintained throughout the entire process. With the diverse set up we have developed over the last 54 years of being in the contract manufacturing industry, we were able to fully machine this fabrication in-house giving both the customer and our own self peace of mind knowing the job was completed without error.

Large Fabrication and finished assemblies

The Lead Toolmakers Thoughts

Patrick who is pictured left was the lead toolmaker and worked diligently on this fabrication throughout the entire process. He followed this project from the review stages all the way to completion which included machining, working with other departments to get all required blocks done, assembly, and final fitment. Since Reich Tool is a contract manufacturer, we are used to taking on projects that are completely new to us with very little to no-repeat work. Even with Patrick’s prior knowledge and expertise in the Fabrication department, he knew it was going to be a big challenge getting this project done by the intended deadline set by the customer.

When asking Patrick (after the fabrication was complete) how he thought we got this project completed before the customer’s expected deadline, he stated: “Internal communication between all department heads was constant, and the decision making among those involved went well.” Because of the processes we have established at RTD, we were able to meet the customer’s tight deadline and present them with quality fabrication.

What’s Next

Now that the fabrications are complete, we are refocusing our attention to finishing up the dies that coincide with this project. There are several runoffs being formed by the dies our toolmakers are currently working on. After we build all the required dies for this project, the fabrications will help with assembling the runoffs to create one large end product. 

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Would you like to learn more about the services Reich provides for Fabrications/Weldments? Come check out our Fabrication page on our website. There are several examples of fabrications we’ve completed for our customers that vary in size and complexity.

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